Port of Rotterdam
Towards secure and transparant supply chains

Theme 'Secure International Trade and Global Clusters'

This theme focuses on mainports as hubs for the facilitation of global trade. Our research aims to enhance the visibility of international supply chains in a multimodal fashion while protecting the environment and the society and promoting ethical trade.

Exchange of Information

Based on experiences in research projects funded by the European Commission, information technologies can be used to enhance global supply chain visibility and henceforth create benefits both for companies and governmental agencies such as customs. Enhanced information exchange between supply chain partners may result in higher levels of operational performance and more reliable trade processes, which also facilitate trade security. However, the exchange of information between businesses and government also pose legal challenges. For instance, the re-use of information by third parties has become a major privacy use both for individuals and organizations.

An example of a research challenge is to determine how information can be shared among partners in global trade lanes and global clusters in such a way that benefits are reaped and concerns are addressed as much as possible.