Port of Rotterdam
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Executive Master on Customs and Supply Chain Compliance

The Centre for Metropolis and Mainport has supported the development of the international Executive Master on Customs and Supply Chain Compliance, which builds on the strengths of three universities: Erasmus University Rotterdam, Delft University of Technology and Eindhoven University of Technology. The programme is also offered partially on-line, and programme modules are offered as separate executive programs. To further develop this programme, an Erasmus+ proposal is being prepared. Also, a MOOC is planned for.
Executive Master on Customs and Supply Chain Compliance

Developing 'brains for the port'

The SmartPort roadmap communities, consisting of academics and practitioners, have asked the joint universities to cater post-experience educational programmes to support the development of 'brains for the port'. This will involve executive programmes.

MSc Programmes

In addition, the need is felt to direct the MSc students from the pre-experience programmes to port-related internships. This emphasizes the need for a programme on top of the MSc programmes, which will be (partially) funded by industry.

Indonesian Universities

The universities are also jointly involved in funded train-the-trainer programmes with Indonesian universities.